Movement towards a local drug court continues

Efforts to combat the local drug epidemic continue. The Bartholomew County Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to appropriate a federal grant for the coming Adult Drug Treatment Court. The body took action freeing up $124,063 for the court. Brad Barnes, director of Bartholomew County Court Services, explains that the federal grant is reimbursable… 01-09 BRAD BARNES-1 Barnes says that the federal grant will cover salaries and benefits for a case manager and public defender. 01-09 BRAD BARNES-2 This is the first of a four-year grant. Judge Kelly Benjamin gives an update on the status of the court. 01-09 KELLY BENJAMIN-1 Benjamin says the hope is for the court to be up and running no later than April 1st. She says that she expects the court to be able to handle around 25 caseloads at a time once it is established.

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