Eight arrested after standoff in Madison

ISPa MADISON, Ind. – The Indiana State Police (ISP) went to an address in Madison on Friday to conduct a theft investigation, and while at the residence, a man fled into an apartment and remained in a standoff with police for nearly six hours. Several people ultimately surrendered peacefully to troopers and were arrested on various charges. At approximately 6 p.m., officers approached four people of interest outside the apartment. One of the males, identified as Joshua Moreno, 39, of Madison, fled from officers and entered the residence. ISP soon learned that at least four people were allegedly being held inside against their will by Moreno. Troopers also discovered that numerous other supposed accomplices of Moreno were also inside. ISP SWAT and hostage negotiators responded. Around 10 p.m., the presumed hostages were released from the apartment. At midnight, all of the suspects exited the apartment and surrendered to law enforcement. Eight individuals, all from Madison, were arrested on various charges and transported to the Jefferson County Jail. The post Eight arrested after standoff in Madison appeared first on Local News Digital.

This post appeared first on Local News Digital.