Franklin City Council tables Kelsay plans after public hearing.

FRANKLIN, Ind.–The Franklin City Council on Monday hosted a public hearing regarding the annexation and rezoning ordinances brought to them by Kelsay Farms. The ordinances concerned a stretch of land east of U.S. 31, south of Paul Hand Boulevard/County Road 400N, and west of Graham Road. Joanna Meyers, speaking on behalf of the owner of the property Joe Kelsay, took questions from the public and clarified that this proposal was not for an expansion of the farms.

She explained that the land would be divided into several sections with each having a different purpose. As detailed in their proposal, the north and east sections would be designated for residential and agriculture development, the south for agricultural and industrial, with the west mostly for agriculture.

Meyers stated the main goal is to create areas for community shopping, entertainment, service, and public gatherings. Council approved for the matter to be tabled until its next meeting on November 5.

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